Why Do People ‘Relationship-Brag’ On Social Media Marketing?

Why Do People ‘Relationship-Brag’ On Social Media Marketing?

After an extended day’s work, speaking with individuals, chores, and endless to-dos, you finally collapse into the soft, forgiving bed and achieve for your phone. It’s time and energy to relax and decompress.

You pull up Instagram—nothing like a scroll that is mindless pretty photos to simply take the advantage from the day, right?—and the first thing the truth is is a brightened-up, colorful image of an acquaintance along with her partner, captioned:

My wonderful boyfriend dropped down these plants for me now even though he’s been slammed in the office this week. We am so #blessed to have this excellent, sexy guy by my part every single day. Corey, you will be my friend that is best when you look at the entire globe, and I’m so happy to make the journey to invest my entire life with you. We have plenty fantasies for people, and I also can’t wait to see all of them be realized with my soulmate. Love you, babe xx

I’ve been observing bragging—and observing myself getting ticked off I was a little kid, and when social media came into my life around eighth grade (yup, I’m one of those fire-breathing millennials), I only started to notice it more by it—since. (more…)

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