Placing the “R” back Your Relationship (and we also Don’t Mean Romance)

Placing the “R” back Your Relationship (and we also Don’t Mean Romance)

By Mary Simon, Psy.D.

Wish relationship in your relationship? You need to focus on a r, R-e-s-p-e-c-t that is different. Whilst it’s sad to get rid of the first love of a relationship, it is disastrous to get rid of the respect! Lack of respect contributes to resentment, and resentment destroys love. And also the longer you stay angry at your lover, the harder it will be to rekindle anything, not to mention love.

The Doomed Romantic stage The bad news is it’s difficult for relationships to come back towards the intense high of the first intimate stage—the stage where we’re blind to our partner’s faults, whenever we absorb their attention just like the hot Mexico sunlight in January. This high, which initially appeals to us one to the other and makes us tolerant of your partner’s faults, goes away completely because clearly while the sun sets. Why? Since it is mainly according to a hormone (PEA) which our bodies create only into the excitement of a new relationship. Unfortuitously, this hormones has a relatively quick half-life: 2 times to a couple of years.

The great news is that one thing better and more lasting than intimate intoxication can be done! (more…)

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