Allow me to inform about Bts dating simulation

Allow me to inform about Bts dating simulation

Jungkook can be suave and charming while he’s beautiful. Nearly too smooth, Jimin believes as Jungkook smirks at him with hooded eyes. Jimin can have the temperature rushing to their cheeks, but details something which happens to be bothering him.

After fulfilling Bangtan at a concert, you are invited backstage. Which user will you fall deeply in love with? Player Remarks. Show All Remarks. You’re a transfer pupil in BigHit academy in Seoul Korea (P.S do not go harsh you met seven students and guess what on me? C’mon!.

Or perhaps you have finished currently? Their eyesight has zoned in on the emblem regarding the uniform. More especially, the emblem for the neighborhood twelfth grade. Throwing down enough money to protect both of those, Jimin stuffs the breadsticks into their case.

Three days and five tries to make a night out together all fail as some project pops up minute that is last Namjoon. (more…)

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